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What Are New Age Tarot Cards?

New age tarot cards are a type of playing card that originated in Europe between 1430 and 1450.

They were originally used to play card games such as French Tarot and Italian Tarocchini but from the late eighteenth century onwards, they started being used by fortune tellers and psychics to provide spiritual guidance and look into people’s futures.

New age tarot decks usually contain 78 cards which are divided into five separate suits (although there are some decks which contain different numbers of cards and suits). The cards themselves are divided into two main types – minor arcana and major arcana.

In the section below, the Lotus Tarot team will be explaining these two types in more detail:


Lotus Tarot Minor ArcanaMinor Arcana 

The minor arcana is a set of four suits – cups, circles or pentacles, swords and wands.

Each of the suits contains 10 cards numbered ace to ten and then four face cards which adds up to 14 cards per suit and 56 total cards for the minor arcana.

In terms of spiritual readings, the minor arcana represent minor daily events in our lives that are unlikely to have a lasting influence but do present you with an opportunity to learn.


Lotus Tarot Major ArcanaMajor Arcana 

The major arcana is a set of 22 separate cards which includes 21 trump cards and a single card called the fool. 

These cards represent more important long term events in our lives and that are likely to have a larger impact and a lasting influence.





What Types Of New Age Tarot Readings Are Available?

There are lots of different types of new age tarot readings available but here at Lotus Tarot, we’ll be covering the two main types – open readings and question readings:

Open Readings

Open readings provide you with a general reading on the larger aspects of your life.

You can guide them to some extent by focusing on a certain area of your life (finance, health, relationships etc) but these type of readings do not address specific questions. Lotus Tarot recommends this type of reading if you do not have any big life questions but want some general guidance about how the next stages of your life will fold out.

Question Readings

Question readings provide you with a more specific reading based around a question you have.

Although question readings are more specific than open readings, they are not designed to provide specific yes or no answers. For the best results with question readings, you should keep your questions open and positive. Lotus Tarot recommends this type of reading if you have a specific question or issue that is dominating your thoughts and you feel you would benefit by having spiritual guidance on it.

How Are New Age Tarot Readings Performed?

For many years, new age tarot readings were performed exclusively offline through fortune tellers and psychics. However, as the Internet has become more advanced, online readings have also become available. The format of new age tarot readings is similar both offline and offline but there are some slight differences. In the section below, the Lotus Tarot team will outline how both these types of reading are performed:

Offline Readings

To begin an offline reading, the person receiving the reading will be asked to shuffle the cards and focus on the life areas or questions that they wish the reading to cover. This is believed to transfer that person’s energy to the deck and help give the most accurate reading. Once the cards are shuffled and the deck has been cut, the person receiving the reading will hand it back to the fortune teller or psychic performing the reading.

They will then lay the cards out in a pattern called a spread and interpret the meanings behind them. There are lots of different spreads which can incorporate any number of the 78 cards. The spread that’s used will depend both on the reader and also the focus of the reading. Certain spreads are better at providing certain types of information and readers will also have their own personal preferences.

Lotus Tarot recommends an offline reading if you favor person to person connections or if you are having a question reading and want to expand on these questions as the reading progresses.

Online Readings

To begin an online reading, you will be asked to select your preferred deck and/or spread. Some sites also give you the option to select a reader. Once you have completed your selections, the cards will appear face down on screen and you will be asked to pick your cards (the number you pick will depend on the spread you selected) and as you pick, they will be flipped and shown to you.

The program, website or reader will then provide you with text interpretations of each card and give you an overall reading. If you have any experience with tarot cards, you can also interpret the cards yourself and come up with your own meaning, based on your current lifestyle and circumstances.

Lotus Tarot recommends an online reading if you do not have any big questions and are happy to get a more general reading.


The Benefits Of New Age Tarot Readings Here at Lotus Tarot:

Lotus Tarot Readings - New age and OshoWe are huge fans of new age tarot readings and believe they have many benefits.

The section below highlights their top four benefits according to the Lotus Tarot team:

They Give You Clarity 

As humans, we are prone to avoiding the truth. We look at certain circumstances in our life and cannot understand why they have happened or what to do about them. The spiritual guidance you get from a new age tarot reading taps into the truth, lifts the fog and gives you the guidance you need to get a clear view on both your current circumstances and the future.

They Bring Your Attention To Areas That Need Work 

The clarity you get from a new age tarot reading allows you to instantly see which areas of your life you should be working on right now. With this insight, you can start changing your life for the better right now and shape your best possible future.

They Can Help You Make Difficult Decisions

We all have decisions in life where we just don’t know what to do. While a new age tarot reading won’t provide a definite yes or no answer to these difficult decisions, the information you get from the reading can guide you and ease the decision making process.

They Can Give You Peace

Fear of the unknown is one of the biggest barriers to peace within people. Although a new age tarot reading won’t tell you exactly what’s going to happen in the future and won’t be able to answer all your questions, it often provides enough information to eliminate fear of the unknown and find inner peace.


Lotus Tarot hopes that this article has helped you learn more about new age tarot readings and their benefits. If you’re unsure about the future or simply need some clarity on your current circumstances, we at Lotus Tarot believe a reading will provide lots of value to you.

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